Privacy Policy

This page describes the privacy policy for and it's subdomains.

Personal Data

The policy on personal data is as simple as possible: Don't collect data you don't need. What isn't there can't be 'shared', sold or stolen. If you notice any unnececary data collection or requirements, please send me a message.

We don't collect names, e-mail adresses, telephone numbers or ip-information unless stated below for the software packages we are using.

All used databases are seperated and, unless manually done by an administrator, there will be no cross-referencing of the data.

Backups are made regulary and only saved encrypted. For now there is no limited save time.

Mediawiki Wiki Software

This concerns only editing the wiki part of the website.
If you make an edit or create an account, your ip address will be saved with it. More details will be added.

Everything you publish here will be visible for everyone. Private information can be removed, but it will stay available in the history, due to the nature of a wiki.

The risk is limited since indexing websites are told to only index the latest approved version.

Piwik Analytics Software

In order to find problems with the website and to prioritize improvement based on usage, I collect usage data including, but not limited to:

This data is stored in it's own local database and not shared with anyone.

If you don't want to be tracked, you can install a browser addon like Ghostery.

Server Logs

Like most websites, the servers automatically record all requests made when you visit these sites. These logs typically in clude:

last update: